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Thanks Theresia. I really appreciate your input into my "special" situation. It helped me to make the right decision. I've never been happier!

Erica S., Nova Scotia, Canada

Your reading was delightful, entertaining and bang on!

Thanks so much.

Heather M.,  Utah, U.S.A.

Dear Theresia. Your gift is very special. I know you say that we all have it, but obviously you must have a stronger belief system than I.

Thank You for the guidance you've given me. I will always be grateful.

Jenna,  Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

To say thanks just isn't enough. You've changed my direction in life and the way I look at it.

Believing really is everything, isn't it!

Gary, U.K.

Your readings are very calming for me. You have a wonderful way of making me look deeper into my life.

After all the years you've been doing readings for me via the web, I'm still amazed at how accurate they are.

We really must meet face to face one of these days soon!  Good luck with your site Theresia!

Monica K., P.E.I

When Theresia told me that I was going to have fame, I chuckled, (who wouldn't want that!)

Then within a couple of months I had my shot at the stage. I had the opportunity to open for Kenny Rogers, that of course was followed by Julian Austin and Farmers Daughter. I also landed a fairly good job at the time( she told me that too) and was so impressed with her that I have sent a few friends her way. They were also happy with her readings pin pointing events in their lives. So this is to say thank you Theresia! You will be hearing from me again real soon.

Linda Dunlop, Barrie, ON



Theresia is an amazing person that puts you at ease and is extremely accurate, and honest.

Kim, Ontario



My name is Julia and it has been my privilege to have Theresia (the Mail Order Psychic) as a part of my life for a very long time.  Even though she knows me well, she continues to surprise me with readings where she provides information that she did NOT know about me.  This woman is the real deal folks!  Try it, you won't regret it.

Julia, Ontario


 I have been getting my readings from Theresia for over several years now and each time I am just astounded on her answers/guidance. She has helped me in so many ways like heal my heart and soul when I felt broken inside. I couldn't thank her enough for what she's helped me conquer-my inner self and things life has thrown at me. Theresia truly is gifted and knows what she's doing and is beyond amazing with her readings. Trust me you will not be disappointed and will see why I have been such a loyal customer to Theresia for all these years.


Chloe, Florida