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About Me


silent_street_walkersI have regular clients that I've read on the MSN chat line for over 10 years now, some whom I have never personally met.

- 25 years of study and experience in card readings including private, chat line, telephone, photograph and private parties.

- 5 years experience teaching Meditation and Stress Release classes.

- Certified Energy Healer - Reiki & Chakra

My Readings give hope and inspiration when all seems lost! A new direction that will, often times, turn your world around! Once you've seen past the hurt and confusion and get a glimpse into your future, you will again look forward to the good things in life.

I don't spend a lot of your time or money looking back into your past...You already know what exists there! I concentrate solely on the present issues, your future and what's waiting there for you when you open your heart and learn to trust again!

There is a very enlightening technique that I will share with you, if I see that your heart has been broken!

I pick up on your energy through your email, the same as if you had telephoned me. I do NOT need to see your face or hear your voice.Your email gives me permission to read your energy..and it's ALL in the ENERGY!! There are no walls thick enough to stop the flow! No Walls!   No Ceilings!   No Distance!

We are all one in this Universe!

All my Readings are guaranteed!!!